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We provide tools and helpers for cloud teams to right size your IAM permissions with less guesswork

  • Make sense of effective permission sets
  • Reason with policy changes before being applied
  • Visualize access outcome logic like a human

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IAM for Everyone

Cloud teams looking to balance developer productivity with secure guardrails need to learn to love IAM. Good news, we can help!

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AWS IAM change intelligence for cloud teams using Terraform

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Technical content to help cloud teams up-level shared IAM knowledge

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Our Product

The missing clarity in your cloud permissions

IAM Pulse compares code to cloud for a more accurate assessment of what could happen downstream if an AWS IAM change is applied in Terraform

IAM Pulse architecture

Gain IAM visibility in your infra code

IAM policies & configurations are parsed out from Terraform repositories to isolate & analyze permission sets.

Determine risk impact of changes

Actionable insights behind permission changes dropped in a GitHub pull request to support collaborative peer reviews.

Visualize & navigate access vectors

An intuitive data visualization model to better demonstrate multi-dimensional access paths & object relationships.

Our Playground

Navigate the IAM Landscape

IAM - the single cloud service that touches everything, yet the most widely misunderstood. Get a taste for how we're bringing clarity to the domain through a shared visual design language.


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Our Community

Learn IAM From Your Peers

IAM is like the board game Othello – a minute to learn, a lifetime to master. We're digging beneath the surface to assemble a catalog of in-depth learning content to help everyone get IAM proficient.


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Takeaways from AWS IAM

Least Privilege, IAM Groups, and IAM Strategy

Jan 25, 2022 by Spandan Pyakurel


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