About the IAM Pulse team

We're a team of folks working to help cloud practitioners reason with the complexities of creating and managing IAM policies and procedures

We formed our team inside of Okta through an internal startup program called OktaX. Our goal is to help folks gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles and primitives of IAM across the major cloud providers, so that you can put that knowledge into practice.

While our products are still in stealth mode, we've launched this community to bring folks together in the spirit of raising collective intelligence. It's our fundamental belief that the challenge with IAM is as much of a knowledge gap as it is a technical gap, and we believe we can help by collecting and curating a catalog of best practices, tutorials, explainers, tips, and tricks.

Impulse Records
We also can't get enough of IAM puns, which you'll find sprinkled throughout everything we do. It starts with our name, which is a nod to the classic jazz label, Impulse Records. Here's a (small) sample of one of our founder's Impulse Records collection.

The principles that guide us

For our team, community comes first in everything we do, and this community is all about the cloud practice. Whether you're a seasoned veteran practitioner, just learning the ropes to start your career, or somewhere in between, IAM Pulse is a place for you to feel welcome in your journey. We believe that community is about the experience, which follows through these key principles:

We mean what we say, and back it up. Our team is dedicated to making your experience in the community a positive one.
This practice comes with a lot of pressure, which can be daunting. We aim to bring some joy to it, making it fun and easygoing.
Our belief is that collective knowledge drives shared success. We're in this together, and being helpful is always a two-way street.

Meet our team

We take our craft seriously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously. The job is hard enough as it is, so we want to connect with folks on a personal level. Recreating your favorite album cover? Now that's personal!

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