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The missing clarity in your cloud permissions

IAM Pulse compares code to cloud for a more accurate assessment of what could happen downstream if an AWS IAM change is applied in Terraform

IAM Pulse architecture

Gain IAM visibility in your infra code

IAM policies & configurations are parsed out from Terraform repositories to isolate & analyze permission sets.

Determine risk impact of changes

Actionable insights behind permission changes dropped in a GitHub pull request to support collaborative peer reviews.

Visualize & navigate access vectors

An intuitive data visualization model to better demonstrate multi-dimensional access paths & object relationships.


IAM Impact Analysis

Eliminate the guesswork when working with IAM in Terraform through helpful insights behind code changes.

Differences in Access Outcomes

Types of changes that would modify the actions or relationships that determine identity and resource access

Possible Breaking Changes

Types of changes that deny previously allowed actions that could impact production apps & services

Potential Escalation Paths

Types of changes that add transitive access paths across accounts or roles that may not be intentional

IAM Visualization

A mental map of your AWS environments to better orient and explore the impact of making changes

Calculate Permission Sets

See the aggregate evaluation logic across different policy types and boundaries

Simulate Access Outcomes

Follow how permissions plus context determine whether select actions are allowed or denied

Compare Changes Visually

Visualize proposed changes in a before and after mode with diff elements highlighted for review
IAM Pulse Visualization

How It Works

Impact analysis is where static and dynamic analysis meet to derive meaning and truths you wouldn't get from code or account scans alone.

How IAM Pulse Works


Terraform Analysis

We scan and model IAM changes in Terraform directly from the code diff


Impact Analysis

We determine the nature and impact of any IAM changes, and deliver a summary


AWS Analysis

We model all objects and relationships in an account and run IAM simulations

Get a free AWS IAM Assessment

During our private beta period, we're seeking select design partners who will grant read-only access to AWS and/or Terraform code for us to analyze & visualize.

Here's how it works:

  • Option A: We'll deliver you a Cloud Formation stack to establish a cross-account trust relationship
  • Option B: You'll add our GitHub App to a Terraform repository
  • Our services will scan your AWS account and/or Terraform code to model its IAM permissions
  • We'll run our analysis tools on our end and create a summary report with our findings
  • We'll connect via Zoom to walk through the results and demonstrate your environment in our IAM Visualizer

You get a sneak peek of our product with helpful insights, we get feedback on our approach & design. Win-win!

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