Hello World - Joining the Team as a Cloud IAM Advocate

Hello World - Joining the Team as a Cloud IAM Advocate

Kyler Middleton
Kyler Middleton
Cloud IAM Advocate at IAM Pulse
Jan 08, 2022

Jan 08, 2022


Hey all!

I am so excited to be writing to you today. I just joined the IAM Pulse team as our first Cloud IAM Advocate! My role is an incredibly fun one:

  • Build secure cloud services and then release the instructions to you for free!
  • Listen to your ideas about how to use IAM and the creative ways you're solving cloud security in your industries

As many of you know, IAM, or Identity and Access Management, is cloud security - they're equivalent terms. Despite the central role of IAM in securing cloud services, it's often treated as a secondary consideration. A sort of, "Once this service is built, IF you want to secure it properly, you should next think about IAM". The public cloud is amazing, but no service is immune to security problems, and thinking about security as something you do last is a sure-fire way to secure something poorly.

We know cloud security is critically important to every business in every vertical, so our goal at IAM Pulse is to elevate IAM to its own practice. Cloud security shouldn't be seen as a bolt-on, it should be a secure foundation that we build from.

My background is in operations and DevOps in almost every discipline. I've built large Windows domains, constructed call centers, secured enterprise manufacturing and healthcare, executed digital and physical penetration testing, spun up DevOps for applications and infrastructure, and even worked with the US Department of State to build secure solutions in the cloud.

Security is never an optional step. It is absolutely critical to the success and CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) of every network and application I've ever interacted with.

I hope you're nodding along with me! And if you are, you can help us push the state of cloud security forward. As you build secure solutions in the cloud, please share your best practices, clever hacks, and novel solutions with me at kyler.middleton@iampulse.com. We would be absolutely thrilled to publish your bright ideas, and elevate you and security to new heights.

You can find me in dozens of places on the web - I keep a directory at kyler.omg.lol or you can reach me at IAM Pulse at kyler.middleton@iampulse.com.

The IAM community is big and amazing, but fragmented because the industry thinks of IAM only within service or resource verticals. We want to help the industry realize IAM is a single discipline. Let's do this.

Please subscribe at IAMPulse.com to hear more from me - I'm diving into multi-cloud K8s, dynamic IAM based on Terraform reads at compile time, and building a library of IAM security best practices for all of AWS's resources and services. It's going to be awesome.

Kyler Middleton
Cloud IAM Advocate
IAM Pulse


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