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We aim to create a trusted and safe space for shared learning and experiences about cloud IAM - after all, a rising tide lifts all ships!

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If you've ever carried the responsibility of availability, resilience, performance, or security of a cloud environment, this place just might be right for you! As you may very well know, IAM is the single service that touches everything – all of the people, all of the resources, and all of the data. And in the cloud, everything is changing constantly. Nobody wants to get IAM wrong, but few have the time and energy to get IAM right. We want to help you succeed!

IAM Pulse is a technical content community all about the cloud engineering practice, and our team is dedicated to bringing cloud professionals and infrastructure teams together in a meaningful way. We're centered around IAM best practices and our mission is to make IAM simple and accessible for everyone. We're here to help demystify complexity, uncover solutions, and spark conversations through a range of content and programs.

Community Principles

Whether you're a seasoned veteran practitioner, just learning the ropes to start your career, or somewhere in between, IAM Pulse is a place for you to feel welcome in your journey.

We believe that community is about the experience, which follows through these key principles:


We mean what we say, and back it up. Our team is dedicated to making your experience in the community a positive one.


This practice and the jobs to be done come with a lot of pressure, which can be daunting. We aim to bring some joy to it, making it fun and easygoing. Joy. Fun. IAM.


Our belief is that shared learning drives collective intelligence. We're in this together, and being helpful is always a two-way street.

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A great way to stay engaged with our community is to check out our social media accounts. We're building our social presence from the ground up, so we'd greatly appreciate a follow or a mention if you feel like your networks would benefit from knowing about this community.

Learn from your Peers

We know that the challenge with IAM is as much of a knowledge gap as it is a technical gap. To support your learning path, our team is curating the most helpful resources and building a catalog of technical content for all types of cloud environments. We aim to be your one-stop shop and a goldmine for the best IAM content.

For your learning journey:

  • Articles and Videos - Cheat sheets on AWS services, technical articles with code blocks, video primers featuring common scenarios, best practices, and tips & tricks
  • Policies - Customizable IAM policy documents across Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure
  • Resources - A carefully curated list of online content, open source tools, and useful links
  • Weekly Puzzles - Follow our social accounts (Twitter and LinkedIn) for fun head scratchers and test your IAM skills

Send us a line ( if you have any requests for content topics or ideas for puzzles!

Share your IAM Smarts

Our global members come from a variety of professional backgrounds. More perspectives and shared experiences means more opportunities to put knowledge into practice!

If you’re an experienced technical writer or looking to publish your first article, our team is here to support you. We'll gladly guide you through the editorial process - topic brainstorm, editing, and publishing. Plus, we love to promote our members' content through our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts in addition to our newsletters.

If you’d prefer a low effort but high impact way to contribute, consider submitting an IAM policy to our catalog or add your favorite resource to our growing list - blogs, podcasts, books, guides, open source tools, etc. - we'd love to see it!

These can be content pieces you've created or especially helpful ones you've come across recently.

Finally, we know some of our members are eager to demo what they know best or share their tips & tricks so others don't have to learn the hard way. We'll gladly partner with you on the best way to turn your technical knowledge into engaging content. Remember, bringing joy and fun to IAM is our jam.

Connect with Fellow Practitioners

Our team is being thoughtful and purposeful in how we plan and convene opportunities for members to network and learn from one another. As tech conferences and events return to in-person, we'll host fun side events and meet ups - stay tuned!

Upcoming conferences we're attending - let us know if you'll be there!

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Our members are helping each other reason with the complexities of the job by sharing their own tutorials, guides, tips, and tricks in the form of structured templates. We're always looking for bright practitioners to extend the catalog across a wide range of cloud providers, code frameworks, compliance guidelines, and more.

Browse our Content Catalog, and if you feel like you have something to add, drop us a line

We know that our members engage in several to many communities and we aim to be your go-to place for learning and sharing in our IAM domain.

Our members are the backbeat of this community and we're developing a top contributor program aptly named IAM Legend. This program will promote and reward our most engaged and enthusiastic members via perks, swag, and exclusive access to resources and networking. We'll have opportunities to serve specific and meaningful ROLES (get it?) in our IAM Pulse Community - whether contributor, ambassador, moderator, or event/meetup host.

We'll share more details in an upcoming blog post!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your affiliation with Okta?
We formed our team inside of Okta through an internal startup program called OktaX. We enjoy the support of the larger company behind us, with the freedom to operate independently - the best of both worlds!

Our team's primary identity (no pun intended) is as IAM Pulse.
Do I own the content I contribute on the site?
We highly value our members who contribute content to the IAM Pulse Community. Members retain all rights to their content and may share what is published on the IAM Pulse community website to other platforms.

Content contributed to the IAM Pulse Community site may be used by the IAM Pulse Team to promote the contributor and their work via IAM Pulse social media channels, the IAM Pulse Community website, or the IAM Pulse newsletter.

You can find more information in the Contributor Agreement section on our Membership Terms page.
Do all published articles have to be about or reference IAM?
At IAM Pulse we believe IAM isn't just one thing to worry about it is the thing that ties together all the other things. It's such an integral part of any cloud operation that we've decided to focus on this one topic alone. For that reason we're primarily interested in content related to the difficulties and solutions for anything related to IAM.
Do you have a Slack or Discord?
Not at this time. We recognize that many of our members (and us too) already have too many channels to track. Our primary objective is to encourage engagement stemming from our member content and articles via our community website.

You can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn where we share member contributions, interesting links, and IAM Puzzles for you to scratch your head over.
Is there going to be a commercial product?
Indeed! We are focusing on the problems developers and security teams deal with when it comes to IAM policies and configurations. We look forward to learning and building with the community.

If you'd care to share some of your challenges, we'd love to hear them. Drop us a note at
What's with the jazz theme?
Is it that obvious? We know. We're a team of music lovers and IAM Pulse is a nod to the classic jazz label, Impulse Records. Our founder has a growing record collection and we’ve found many of our community members are vinyl fans too!

Fun Fact: If you take a closer look at our logo, it's a combination of the word IAM and a sine wave. You probably know by now that we love puns, so IAM warning you that they'll be sprinkled throughout this community site and our newsletter, Pulse Check.

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