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IAM - the single AWS service that touches literally everything, yet the most widely understood. Our team has been building a powerful toolkit for cloud engineers to better reason with the complexities of IAM through intelligent insights. As we march towards delivering our initial product, we're seeking select design partners who will grant read-only access to AWS and/or Terraform code for us to analyze & visualize.

Here's how it works:

  • Option A: We'll deliver you a Cloud Formation stack to establish a cross-account trust relationship
  • Option B: You'll add our GitHub App to a Terraform repository
  • Our services will scan your AWS account and/or Terraform code to model its IAM permissions
  • We'll run our analysis tools on our end and create a summary report with our findings
  • We'll connect via Zoom to walk through the results and demonstrate your environment in our IAM Visualizer

You get a sneak peek of our product with helpful insights, we get feedback on our approach & design. Win-win!

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