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IAM Pulse Check #20 - At the Living Room

Big cloud security week in Boston, security market direction, AWS guard rails, and more.

Jul 22, 2022


Hey folks,

Next week is a big week in the land of cloud security, with both fwd:cloudsec and AWS re:Inforce happening in Boston. While I would love to say that I will be there connecting with the community and hanging out in my hometown, I won't be able to make it in person.ย 

Even so, IAM Pulse is sponsoring fwd:cloudsec for the second time, and wow - what a lineup! There's so much high-quality stuff in the agenda that I encourage everyone to pay close attention to when the sessions drop online โ€“ so you can watch from the living room, the office, the coffee shop, the beach, or wherever you are.ย 

I've got my eye on a number of sessions, but in the spirit of brevity, here's the top 3 I'm looking forward to:

One of these times I'll make it in person, but until then, glad to lend some small support to the organizers who deserve a thousand rounds of applause for their continued efforts ๐Ÿ‘


Ivan at IAM Pulse

From the IAM Pulse Team

Handling Implicit Differences in AWS IAM Defaults

Next up in our IAM Scenario Series, where we aim to answer the question, "what would happen if we made this change in Terraform?" In this tricky example, we encounter differences in the default behaviors of 2 AWS services โ€“ ECR and KMS. Follow along with a visualization technique that uncovers the impact in a way that would have been near impossible from inspecting the code alone.

From the Cloud Community

Future of cyber defense and move from promise-based to evidence-based security

As a founder, I spend a lot of time researching market trends. I really liked this in-depth look at the security landscape because it echoes a major belief of mine โ€“ leaders are fed up with broken promises from vendors and demand evidence. Up for the challenge.

Building & Scaling AWS Security Guardrails

Security guardrails serve many purposes beyond simply preventing bad things from happening. They help establish trust boundaries across teams, and they help encourage good behaviors. In this excellent interview, Kinnaird McQuade of Square discusses best practices with Ashish Rajan, host of the Cloud Security Podcast.

Tracking the Effectiveness of Cloud Adoption

It's easy to treat cloud adoption as just the status quo, but it's helpful to take a step back and measure effectiveness to get a sense of its relative value to the business. This post does an excellent job of putting a measurable framework in place for cloud teams.

What IAM Listening To

Marco DiMarco Trio - At the Living Room

It's no secret that I love Brazilian music, and the sounds of bossa nova are far-reaching across the globe. This sleeper pick from 1973, recorded in Paris and released in Italy, is a real jazz-funk banger infused with bossa grooves. Check it out!

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